How to buy hair extensions online ?

Having luxuriously thick hair can help you look younger and feel more confident. Approximately 38% of women use hair extensions to make themselves more beautiful. Buying the right hair extensions can feel overwhelming with so many options that are available. How can you pick out the right one for you? Here are three tips to buy hair extensions that will look amazing on you.

Choose Between Synthetic or Human Hair
Before you buy hair extensions, you’ll need to make a choice on whether you want human or synthetic hair. Human hair is more expensive, but it’s easier to style. Synthetic hair can melt or burn if exposed to too much heat. If you plan on curling your hair, you may want to opt for human hair. If you’re looking for something to give you a temporary boost, then synthetic hair will work just fine.

Determine Hair Color
You’ll want the individual hair extensions you choose to match the exact color of your own hair. This can be a bit tricky. If you get it wrong, your extensions will make your hair look inconsistent and uneven. Use the hair swatches available at hair extension salons to help you match up the extensions to your hair. If you are having trouble, you can always dye your hair and then find the extension to match.

Decide on Hair Extension Type
There are several types of hair extensions that you can buy in a variety of colors and lengths. Sew-in extensions provide the most versatility with creating various hairstyles and can last for months without damage. Clip-in extensions are a temporary option that’s easy to use but can fall out easily if you’re not careful. Glue-in extensions will give you a more permanent look as the extensions stay in place longer because of the adhesive used.

An integrated extension pulls your natural hair the web holes of a nylon weft, which allows the extensions to blend well with your own hair. Micro-tube extensions are a semi-permanent solution using keratin rings in order to attach the extensions. The type of hair extension you choose will highly depend on your budget and the type of occasion you need the extensions for.

After you buy hair extensions that are right for you, head over to the hair extensions salon and get your hair professionally done. You’ll love your new look and feel absolutely amazing. It’s time to rock some fabulous hair!